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Vendor Info

This page is for shareware vendors interested in distributing our shareware games, including web sites, on-line services, CD-ROM vendors, disk vendors, bulletin board systems, and other shareware distributors. Here you will find links to detailed product information to help you distribute our shareware products. These links will lead you to product descriptions, features, minimum system requirements, screen shots, and more. Feel free to use any information you find helpful in distributing our products.

Attention Retail Publishers and Distributors

If you are a retail publisher or distributor interested in licensing and/or distributing the retail version of any Tibo Software product, feel free to contact us.

Our Distribution Policy

Tibo Software allows and encourages all web sites, on-line services, shareware disk vendors, CD-ROM vendors, bulletin board systems, and end-users to freely distribute the shareware versions of all our products. If you wish to distribute any Tibo Software product, you may obtain the most recent shareware version from our downloads page. It is generally not necessary to contact Tibo Software for authorization, and you may begin offering the shareware versions of our products immediately.

Tibo Software Product Information

For detailed information on any Tibo Software product, click on one of the following links.

Click here for information about PAD.