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If your question is not answered on the list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below, contact us. Tell us what kind of problem you are having and be sure to provide the following information: type of operating system, type of processor, graphics card, sound card and the amount of RAM you have.

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Common FAQs

I lost my registration code. What should I do?

If you have lost a product (reg. code / full version download) you purchased from us, please go to our "Lost Registration Code" page.

I have just bought your product and I have not got the registration code. What is wrong?

Do not worry, for 99%:

We advice you to check your spam filter, add tibosoftware.com into your whitelist (if is provided by your e-mail account provider and you know it) and ask us for sending the reg. code again. In case you do not receive the code again, send us an e-mail with your name and e-mail address (you had better not to use our contact form to avoid sending a wrong e-mail address again).

Do I need the Internet connection to install the full version?

No. You need only:

  1. The installation pack downloadable from our Downloads page. Most probably you already have the game installed on your computer.
  2. And the registration code you will receive after purchasing.

Jigs@w Puzzle FAQs

I have updated to Windows 10 and the game does not work. What shall I do?

Re-install the game. Do not uninstall your current game. Download and install Jigs@w Puzzle Entry (or any edition). Most likely you will need to re-enter your reg. code, if you lost your reg. code, use this form.


How to upgrade from Jigs@w Puzzle 1

If you purchased Jigs@w Puzzle 1 (Entry or all editions including Platinum Edition and Nature Edition) from us, you can upgrade to any version of Jigs@w Puzzle 2 for a reduced price. To upgrade please ask for re-sending your registration code and you will receive upgrade information (with the codes) by e-mail in a moment.


How to create a puzzle with an irregular shape (e.g. Fruit Salad puzzle from Jigs@w Puzzle Entry)?

  1. Open an image in the Create Room and set cutting.
  2. Click on the Mode... button to convert it to the advanced mode (check "Convert current cutting lines...").
  3. To modify the cutting use the tools from the Advanced Mode Tools panel - pen, line... and templates. E.g. click on Templates and open Other\Circle.emf, enlarge the selection (tip: use Fit to Image in the Selection context menu) and drop it (press Enter or select Drop from the selection context menu).
  4. Erase the lines you do not want to have in the puzzle.


Is there a way how to select just the edge pieces?

If you arrange pieces at the edge of the desktop (Tools/Arrange/At Edge) the pieces will be arranged in a spiral along the whole edge of the desktop. The edge pieces are sorted out from the beginning of the spiral (from left-top to right-top...).


Can I resize a puzzle image?

Yes, you can. If space around a puzzle in the Play Room is small for you, you can change it by the  Options/Miscellaneous/Image size in proportion to desktop parameter (the change will proceed after scattering the puzzle). Or you can use a try and get more space.


How can I import puzzles from version 1 into version 2?

It is possible to import the puzzles from the previous version. Simply copy all puzzles (PZL files) from the first version to the second one.
However it is a bit difficult because the destination directory location is dependent on the Windows version you have. Therefore we recommend the following method:

  1. Make a new album (the New Album button in the Store Room) in Jigs@w Puzzle 2.
  2. Open the directory intended for puzzles from the new album (see another FAQ: Where are puzzles saved on the disk?).
  3. Open also the Puzzle directory of version 1 of the game, it should be:
            C:\Program Files\Jigs@w Puzzle\puzzles\
            or C:\Program Files\Jigs@w Puzzle Platinum Edition\puzzles\
            or C:\Program Files\Jigs@w Puzzle Nature Edition\puzzles\
  4. Copy all puzzles (PZL files) from the Puzzle directory of the previous version to the Puzzle directory of the new version (use Copy & Paste functions).


How to transfer puzzles from an old computer to my new computer?

It is possible to transfer only your own puzzles, to install the original (purchased) editions you have to download and install them from our Download web page.

First install Jigs@w Puzzle 2 (Entry or editions what you purchased) on the new computer and put your registration code. Then to transfer your own puzzles you can use one of the following two methods:

  1. Export all puzzles from the game (on the old computer) as the PZP file. See Mailing and exporting in the Help of the game. Then run (double-click on) the PZP file on the new computer.
    Note: It is a simpler method, but it is not possible to transfer also states of puzzles (solved or not) by this way.
  2. Or, you can copy files, but it is harder. You need to copy all *.PZL files (puzzles) and *.QSV files (saved puzzle states). Because directory path where puzzles are stored is dependent on Windows version you need to search your disk for the files (PZL, QSV). Or, run the game and press CTRL+D in the Store Room to open the directory. Then copy the PZL and QSV files, keep directories to keep albums.

Note: The PZP file is a ZIP file (only renamed extension) with PZL files.


Can I create my own jigsaws?

Yes. See How to create a puzzle? in the Help document.


Are there any additional jigsaw puzzle sets?

Yes. There are various editions composed from high-quality pictures taken by professional photographers prepared for you. Visit our website or see How to order? in the Help document.


I am solving a puzzle and cannot find some pieces. What shall I do?

There can be three reasons:

  1. The missing pieces are covered with other pieces, a window or a menu. Use Tools->Disarrange and then Tools->Arrange->At Edge. The missing pieces should appear in the top left corner of the room desktop.
  2. The missing pieces are stored in a tray. If there is a tray on the room desktop and if it is minimized, open it.
  3. The author of the puzzle eliminated the missing pieces deliberately. Note #1: This is only possible in the Advanced mode in the Create Room. Note #2: All puzzles from the original editions (Mix, Nature...) are complete, no missing pieces.


Can I create my own templates?

Yes, you can. We use the EMF format for templates. To create templates use a vector editor, which can save or export images to the EMF format (e.g. free OpenOffice.org Draw). Only outlines will be used in the game, so there is no need to use fillings, gradients, bitmaps or colours. It is necessary to convert text to curves.


What movie formats can I use for making a puzzle?

See Supported formats in the Help document.


I obtained a movie puzzle from a friend but it does not work. What shall I do?

Movies and background music are played by an operating system. Your friend probably used a format which is not supported in your operating system. You should download and install the proper codec. We recommend to download and install a codec pack. See also minimum system requirements of the game (DirectX).


I obtained a puzzle with background music from a friend but the music does not play. What shall I do?

Movies and background music are played by an operating system. Your friend probably used a format which is not supported in your operating system. You should download and install the proper codec. We recommend to download and install a codec pack. See also minimum system requirements of the game (DirectX).


Every time I try to e-mail a puzzle to friends or family an e-mail account provider detects a potential virus in the attachment and refuses to delivery the e-mail. What should I do?

Of course, our software does not contain any viruses or malicious software. Unfortunately some free e-mail account providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite...) automatically block some EXE files. To avoid the problem you can:

  1. Send the puzzles in the PZP format (described in Store Room->Mailing and exporting in the Help document of the game). Receivers will need the Jigs@w Puzzle 2 game to be able to play the puzzles.
  2. Rename the file extension (e.g. to PPS - Power Point document extension). Receivers will have to rename it back.
  3. Pack it to a ZIP file. Receivers will have to unpack it.
  4. Or, use www.jigsawplanet.com.

Note: If you have a virus on your computer then any exe file outgoing from your computer can include virus.


Some pieces are of the same color as the background, what can I do?

You can change the color of the desktop background in Tools in the Play Room.


How to remove a puzzle which is a wallpaper in the operating system?

  1. Click Windows desktop with the right mouse button.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Choose a background different from the puzzle.


Why is the size of an album bigger than a total size of puzzles included?

Every puzzle has a few additional files. These files allow a faster start or quicker move to the Play Room. One of the files also carries information about the state you left the Play Room in. The size of an album displayed in Album Properties denotes the sum of sizes of all these files. The displayed size correspond precisely to the room taken by an album from your hard disk. The size of a puzzle displayed in Info panel denotes the size without the additional files.


How to recover once deleted puzzle?

If you delete a puzzle from the Store Room, the program will place it into the trash of the operating system. In case you have not emptied the trash, there is a chance to succeed.

Puzzle deleted from an existing album

  1. Shut down Jigs@w Puzzle.
  2. Open the Windows trash.
  3. Find the deleted puzzle.
  4. Recover the file.
  5. Close the trash.
  6. Start Jigs@w Puzzle.

Puzzle deleted from a not existing album

  1. Shut down Jigs@w Puzzle
  2. Minimize all windows.
  3. Open the Windows trash.
  4. Find the deleted puzzle.
  5. Drag the file to the Windows desktop.
  6. Close the trash.
  7. Double click the file on the Windows desktop.
  8. After starting Jigs@w Puzzle find the puzzle in the Store Room.
  9. When having found the file in the Store Room you can delete it from the Windows desktop.


Why does a puzzle have a different number of pieces in the Store Room and in the Play Room?

The number of pieces displayed in the Store Room corresponds to the number of pieces of a puzzle made in the Create Room. If you created the puzzle at a higher screen resolution and you attempt to play it at a lower resolution then pieces can be too small and the number of pieces has to be decreased. That's why the number of pieces in the Play Room can be smaller.


What are the command line parameters for Jigs@w Puzzle?

Command Name Value
-videodriver Video driver 0 - Windows
1 - DrawDib (default)
-screen Screen mode 0 - fullscreen (default)
1 - maximized
2 - window defined by -width and -height
-width Width of application window 800 is default
-height Height of application window 600 is default
-intro Intro style 0 - no intro window
1 - only image
2 - image as a puzzle (default; available only
on Win2000, WinXP and later)

Example: jp.exe -videodriver 0 -fullscreen 0 -width 1024 -height 768

To set the command line parameters click the right mouse button on a Jigs@w Puzzle 2 shortcut in the Windows Start menu (or on the Windows desktop) and select Properties from the appeared context menu. The Target item should contain:

"C:\Program Files\Tibo Software\Jigs@w Puzzle 2\jp2.exe"

E.g. to set resolution of a window of the game to 800 x 600 change the Target item to:

"C:\Program Files\Tibo Software\Jigs@w Puzzle 2\jp2.exe" -screen 2 -width 800 -height 600


How to speed up Jigs@w Puzzle 2 loading?

If you have many puzzles in the Store Room then game loading can be long. Minimize albums with not used puzzles (or create a new album, move puzzles to the album and minimize it), you will speed up the loading of the Jigs@w Puzzle 2. Puzzles included in minimized albums are not fully initialized during Jigs@w Puzzle 2 loading, the puzzles are initialized when you open the album.


Where are puzzles saved on the disk?

To get such information in every album:

  1. Display Album Properties dialog (click the right mouse button on the album window and select Properties in the appeared context menu).
  2. Press and hold CTRL key.
  3. Click on the left bottom corner of the dialog.
  4. Windows Explorer with the album directory will be displayed.


How to backup puzzles and the gallery? I need to re-install my computer.

To backup puzzles simply (without states of unfinished games) select all puzzles in the Store Room and Export them. After re-installing the game only double-click on the exported file.

To backup and restore puzzle games completely (only for experts):

  1.  Press CTRL+L in the Store Room to see some paths of the games.
  2. Find the "app_common_data" item in the appeared item.
  3. Go to the "app_common_data" directory.
  4. Backup all .QSV files of the original editions (Mix, Animals...) and .PZL and .QSV files of your own puzzles. Keep subdirectory structure.
  5. Reinstall your computer.
  6. Install all editions you bought.
  7. Copy the backupped files back to the "app_common_data" directory.
  8. Start the game.

To backup the gallery (only for experts):

  1. Go to the "app_common_data" directory.
  2. Backup whole Gallery directory.
  3. Reinstall your computer.
  4.  Copy the backupped files back to the "app_common_data" directory.
  5.  Start the game. The puzzles should be in Depositary, you have to hang up the puzzles.


How to draw a rectangle around an image in the advanced mode?

  1. Click on Templates in the Advanced tools panel.
  2. Choose the Other/Square template in the appeared Open dialog.
  3. Press right mouse button on the selection and choose "Fit to image".


I get an error: "The App Common Data directory not exist". What shall I do?

Most probably another application changed a record (registry, file or directory) of the game. We recommend to re-install the game. Download the last version from our Download web page. You need not uninstall the current version. You should not lose anything.


I get an error: "curve->n>MAX_CONTROLPOINTS" or "Internal Error:901". What shall I do?

Only a cracked version of our game displays this error. You should purchase the game or use the correct trial version downloadable from our web site. Thank you.


I get an error: "A file of this game has been corrupted (by another application or hard disk problem). We strongly recommend to re-install the game. (905)". What shall I do?

The problem was caused by another application on your computer. The application removed a record of our game from the Windows registry. Most probably the other application is a registry cleaner tool (e.g. Tune Up). To solve the problem re-install the game and do not use the tool.


Rolling Marbles FAQs

I installed your game Rolling Marbles but when I go to play the game all I get is a blank screen.

Our game requires Microsoft DirectX (a library for games), make sure you have it installed. If not, download it from http://www.microsoft.com/directx and install it.
If you get the blank screen again, start Rolling Marbles via the item "Rolling Marbles Advanced Options" in the start menu and check only "Disable DirectX video access" (maybe also "Disable DirectX sound", try it).

I cannot go through the level XX of Rolling Marbles. Can you help?

We are constructing a page of solutions of the logical levels in the Rolling Marbles. See it.

Bad Toys 3D FAQs

Is and how is there a solution against the big blue robot in the level 25 in Bad Toys 3D?

The 25th level is difficult. The big blue robot has a key that you need. You must kill the robot (use all ammunition in surrounding rooms). Pick up the key and unlock the locked door. There is a second robot. Run round it. Good luck.

I installed Bad Toys 3D and I get the error message "unable to find wing.dll" when starting the game.

Probably you have an older version (or an older installation pack) of Bad Toys 3D, please download the last version and install it.

I have Windows XP and get a message "16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem...".

Please see Microsoft's web page for the solution.